God started Remnant of Grace Baptist Church primarily through the missionary outreach of Beulah Baptist Church in Bethesda, MD.  A great and effectual door was opened in 2019 through Howard Aitken, from Collinsville, CT talking to Cliff Thompson from Beulah Baptist Church. They worked together but had never talked about spiritual things until then. This led to Cliff Thompson, who is also a preacher, coming and preaching in Collinsville, CT.  The Lord spoke to the Aitken family through Cliff’s preaching which in turn led to Beulah’s pastor, Charlie Garza, coming to preach to them over the next couple of years, along with other preachers from Beulah Baptist Church. Through 2019 and 2020, the Lord worked in the Aitken family and saved both Howard Aitken and Sandy Aitken, his wife.

In May 2021, Pastor Greg Moffit, from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Arlington, TN, came to Connecticut and preached a message from Psalm 102. Through the preaching, the Lord said it was time to start a church. From July to November 2021, the search was on for a pastor for this small flock. Churches from Camp Liberty ministries sent preachers every week over those months to see who the Lord would choose. In November 2021, Joel Clayton, from Faith Baptist Church in Myrtle, MS was chosen. Pastor Joel and his wife Brittany, along with their (4) girls, moved up to Connecticut in January 2022.

This is a short version of how this church was established. We seek to preach and teach a real experiential salvation based on the Bible. Though small, we are a close-knit body that has been joined together and we are looking forward to seeing who else the Lord will bring to be a part of us. We would love for you to visit us or reach out to us with any questions.

We are affiliated with the Churches of Camp Liberty in Pontotoc Mississippi.

Please visit camplibertybaptist.com